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006The Experimental Dance Group is entering its 17th season with a lot of new faces, which is great, but it is also a challenge. This is often the case when working with young people who will grow up and move on after a certain period of time; thery graduate when in 5th grade and move on to middle school. This year we were fortunate to have 4 new 3rd graders and two new 4th graders which gives me a chance to tecah them some of the basic Dunham technique, with less emphasis on performance. However, the senior and alumni members are still learning new things and increasing their strength as Dunham dancers. It is a challenge, but I plan to take one rehearsal at a time and try to remain patient with them as they work towards becoming young professional dancers; these are the first steps. We also hope to have a few professional guest artists who will come and work with the comapny. Wish us luck!!

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