Galaxy 2013

“Rock Into Your Soul” is a personal favorite of mine on so many different levels. Firstly, the choreography just flowed because the music spoke to me, secondly, Lisa, Lisa is the sister of our Principal Maria Velez Clark, and both have been a major inspiration for the company; thirdly, you just can’t sit won when you hear this song; it does “rock your soul.”

It was great to start incorporating a bit more Horton (lateral T), Dunham fan legs, as well a a touch of Fossee !

Bryan Alejandro Scott- Director/Choreographer




  1. admin - December 24, 2014 2:53 pm

    Ther Experimental Dance Group under the direction of Bryan Alejandro Scott appears at Off-Broadway venue Theater For The New City in 2013, a gig we have been invited to participate in since 2002!

    War was a great band in the 70’s and I was inspired by this song while hanging out at the clubs listening to DJ The Late Larry Levan at “The Paradise Garage”…who remembers (lol).

    This piece is one of our earliest where we started working with canons while combining some Horton with Dunham style and of course a little “Brian Alejandro style” movements!

    *Video by Jenn

  2. admin - December 24, 2014 3:03 pm

    Performing “Reach” by Patti Austin was not only fun, but it was also both insipiring and uplifting. It is also one for the first routines the members learn when they join the company! Even though it may take 3-5 minutes to perform a number for performance, it takes countless hours to get it right!!! We only meet once a week for 2 hours for about 14 weeks..You do the math!
    Bryan Alejandro Scott-Director


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