New York City Dance Educator’s Showcase

at Long Island City High School-2014

This audition only performance took place at Long Island City High School in May 2014 sponsored by the New York City Dance Educators. This organization showcases performances by selected groups around the city which culminates in a spring showcase.

The Experimental Dance Group opened the show with “Vicki Sue Robinson’s “Turn The Beat Around.” I tried to give the dancers an idea of what the 70’s was all about so that they could captivate the movements and expressions behind the steps. They got to play with their personality, do the “bustop” (which was a very popular dance at the time), and groove with the funky disco sounds of the 70’s while incoprorating modern and African dance forms.

A big thanks to Jazmine Lyneette Dinkins, former Assistant Director/Rehearsal Director, who was able to help create some of the movements and the solo for Isabella Pena. She was intricate to making this piece come alive. This was one of those pieces that kept me up at night for many nights because I was wondering how I was ever going to organize the choreography in my head to translate on stage……let’s just say I lost a lot of sleep. But it was worth it because we certanly did “Turn The Beat Around”..and the audience too!

Bryan Alejandro Scott- Director/Choreographer



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