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The Process-Costuming



Costuming is probably one of the most difficult tasks for me as a director of a children’s dance company. I try to anticipate what will work and what will not.  I first have to take into account the music and what the it means, then I have to look at clothing that would compliment the words, and/or instrumentation, without clouding the message. The next step is look through catalogues that hopefully have costumes that speak to me and my vision and that are affordable; children’s costumes are not cheap. Sizing is the next step in trying to make it come together for all the girls because each girl has slightly diffrent proportions thus their  costumes must be chosen based on its ability to look good on everyone. The process is often times daunting, tedious, and time consuming.  I have always managed to please almost everybody with my costume choices, let’s hope that in 2015 year I will be equally successful!

Now let’s try and raise those funds. Donations anyone?

Brian Alejandro Scott


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